Get down to your favorite tunes as you get up

Although on the face of it, MyWakeUpTunes passes as a simple MP3 player, the application can actually be used as an alarm clock on your PC. This can be used either to wake you up, or simply to remind you of an important event or task.

If you´re one of those people that sleeps next to their computer this program is ideal for you. If you´re a travelling businessman you could run MWUT on your laptop. You could even set it up on your development machine to rouse you after that all-night coding session.

MWUT plays audio from a variety of different sources, including a MWUT soundtrack, MP3 file, audio CD or DVD chapter, or even a playlist from either iTunes, WinAMp or Windows Media Player.

If you choose to use MWUT as an alarm clock then every element of your multimedia wake up experience can be configured. In addition to the audio you can select an image or a favourite DVD chapter to be displayed upon wakeup.

You can fade in and out the overall audio volume using an interface similar to the waveform level controller in Flash. One of the most innovative features is the program´s ability to sync your wake up time to coincide with your local sunrise.



MyWakeUpTunes 1.0